The eminent
judges panel

Professional dancers, the dance legends of the sport will judge the competition.

Live music

The evening performance will be held under the magnificent music of the orchestra.

The prize money

The finalists of the tournament will receive a cash reward.

The compere of tournament — Stanislav Popov.

The President of the Russian dance Union, Vice-President of the World sports dance Federation


The tournament venue is one of the most luxurious and modern hotels in the center of Moscow.

TOP Teacher - 500$

The teacher who won the TOP Teacher nomination will receive a cash reward.

Dear dancers!
We are extremely excited to inform you about our new competition Capital cup.

Each of us understands how it feels to struggle on the dance floor. We know the difference a true atmosphere can make, how nerve-racking it is to be judged by a distinguished, knowledgeable panel of adjudicators. We know how important dance is for each one of you and that's why we are ready to do everything possible to make our event unforgettable... It would give us great pleasure to seeing you on our dance floor!

Dance! Compete! Enjoy!
Обращаем ваше внимание на то, что участие в турнире возможно только при условии прохождения предварительной регистрации. Регистрация открывается 10.01.2020.

Please pay attention to the fact that the participation in the tournament is possible only after passing a preliminary registration. Registration opens 10.01.2020.
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